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SEO Training (Full Day – In Person)

$6,000.00 $5,000.00

Learn how:

  • Search engine works and how to optimize your site so they rank you for your desired keywords
  • Research and focus on the proper keywords for your industry
  • Use the research to boost your site to the top of the search engines through on-page SEO
  • and more!
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Product Description

The SEO Marketing Experts NYC can help train you or a staff member in person for a one-time flat rate. This comprehensive SEO training program will teach you how to research your keywords and what sites to use to make sure you are going after the proper keywords. We will then show you how to implement the keyword into your site both within the content as well as in the code that people do not see but that the search engines count toward your overall ranking.

The total training time is about 7 – 8  hours and includes all 20 topics below: (Also included is a complete web analysis, a 5 Keyword Package and 3 months worth of follow-up phone consultations (up to 6 hours)  a $1500.00 value.)

The cost also includes our travel expenses for trips within the continental US, pricing for outside the US can be discussed.

Up to 10 people from your company can attend at this base price. For additional trainees a second day and additional fees may be required.

Those in NY or NJ may qualify for a discount. Speak with an SEO expert about your training needs today.


  1. SEO Basics
  2. Create unique, accurate page titles
  3. Make use of the “description” meta tag
  4. Optimizing Content
  5. Offer quality content and services
  6. Write better anchor text
  7. Optimize your use of images
  8. Use heading tags appropriately
  9. Promotions and Analysis
  10. Promote your website in the right ways
  11. Make use of free webmaster tools
  12. How to get listed for local search
  13. Improving Site Structure
  14. Improve the structure of your URLs
  15. Make your site easier to navigate
  16. Inbound links;  one-way and reciprocal
  17. Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links
  18. SEO for YouTube Video’s
  19. Notify Google of mobile sites
  20. Guide mobile users accurately