If you are not sure what SEO Services to start with, or which may be worth the investment let the SEO Marketing Experts NYC help you. With our FREE SEO Services Review we will give you an idea of how search engine friendly your website is and what it would take to get the natural organic keywords you desire.

The SEO Marketing Experts NYC offer the following SEO Services:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Search Engine Marketing services such as Google AdWords
Cost-Per-Impression (CPI) – Banner Advertising on high traffic websites
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Natural ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc
Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Twitter, facebook, etc.
Pay-Per-View (PPV) – Promotion of video content on YouTube or Google
Pay-Per-Action (PPA) – Common in affiliate programs

The SEO Marketing Experts use the above search engine marketing services to promote your site and build the search engine ranking in a natural and long lasting fashion that ensures your site not only gets to the top of the search engines but remains there over time.

While the SEO Marketing Experts NYC can perform any of these SEO services, our main focus is natural search engine optimization and organic placement of your keywords. In some cases however other SEO services may be suggested to help bring more immediate results since organic placement can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days and may require additional optimization if the keywords are highly competitive.

SEO Services Results

Example of traffic generated for a client with several thousand keywords.

The chart to the left shows an average of almost 400 clicks per day and what that organic traffic would cost if were paid ads. As you can see the estimate is around $400.00 per day, or $12,000 per month. This traffic yielded about $100,000 in sales per month and would cut profitability if these dollars went to Google or other pay-per-click networks. This is where the SEO Marketing Experts can save you money. A package this size is roughly 50% less than what pay-per-click would cost.

This is because Google charges for every click on every keyword. The SEO Marketing Experts NYC charge a flat monthly rate for groups of keywords and not only do we cover more keywords but we can also help you get high traffic keywords over time which will greatly boost your traffic and sales.


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Since 1997 we have provided companies with top 10 placement on Google for thousands of keywords across dozens of markets.

Q. How did we do it?

A. With proven and effective methods that starts with research, which provides the guide for on-site search engine optimization followed with powerful link building, which leads to top ranking for the best keywords in your industry.

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We will be honest and upfront with you about your website and what the best course of action is to take based on where it is today.

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The SEO Marketing Experts NYC can help you with SEO services for:

  • Healthcare websites
  • Dental offices websites
  • Clinic websites
  • Health and Wellness centers websites
  • Doctor office websites
  • Vitamin store websites
  • Fitness websites
  • Personal trainers websites
  • and more!

These type of sites would get special Local Search Services as well as can find ways to market and sell products or services nationwide. Our SEO services can work for nearly every type of website. The first thing we do is research, we research your site and your competition. We use Google search results and Google keyword Tool to tell us what keywords are popular as well as how tough the competition is. This will help us know what SEO services you will need.