The SEO Marketing Experts have been building and marketing eCommerce sites since our inception in 1997. We started with small businesses and grew to larger companies with over 3,000 products online to promote.  Over the years we have learned many seo marketing strategies to gain placement on keywords related to top products in a variety of ways to ensure when a user searches for a specific product that your site come up in the top 5 spots.

Once we have achieved top placement on products then we move to categories. The main reason for this is because search engines use a relational database of keywords that can determine what products you are selling and what category they belong in. The main benefit of this is that once you are getting a lot of clicks for a product then when you optimize for the main category of that product the search engines respect your new optimization and move you to the front page for the harder to get broad match category keyword. Now the trick is keeping that position, in order to do that you site will need to convert as many sales as your new competition, if your site gets a lot of traffic but your conversion rate is low then the search engine can move you down the list because apparently your site isn’t as popular as you may have wanted it to be for that broad match term. This is why having your website built completely is so important before trying any seo marketing campaign, your conversion rate matters!

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