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Video SEO for YouTube Videos

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Video SEO for YouTube Videos including research and implementation of  title tags, description, meta-data and more…

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Product Description

Research keywords for Video Channel as well as individual video topic

SEO Video Titles:

  • Use keyword as first part and last part of title
  • Create  “catchy” titles  to entice users to click

SEO Video Description:

  • Description should be compelling and use related keywords as well as keywords itself
  • Description should contain URL back to site – channel – subscribe, social media, etc
  • Use all available characters
  • Use recurring tagline in ALL related video’s so Google / Youtube Knows they are related

SEO Video Tags:

  • Create a general set of tags for the channel itself and the specific for each video
  • Use to 10 meta-tags or more if related – will use all 120 characters