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The SEO Marketing Experts have been building and marketing eCommerce sites since our inception in 1997. We started with small businesses and grew to larger companies with over 3,000 products online to promote.  Over the years we have learned many seo marketing strategies to gain placement on keywords related to top products in a variety of ways to ensure when a user searches for a specific product that your site come up in the top 5 spots.

SEO marketing experts are focused on your small business from start to finish.

  • Revenue Growth

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy

  • Business Plans
  • Business & Product Launch
  • Brand Identity
  • Online Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Website Copy
  • Content Writing
  • Copywriting

  • SaaS
  • SEO Marketing

  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Whitepapers
  • Sales Writing

  • Business Writing
  • Articles
  • Lead Generation
  • Case Studies
  • Business Writing
  • Marketing Consulting
  • B2B

  • B2C

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20 years of experience, SEO Marketing Experts NYC spacializes in SEO marketing for websites like Dentist, Doctors, Pharmacist, Retail Sellers, Fitness Trainers, and many more. Work with us today and go up in ranks on google search!

Long-Term Growth

  • Keep reinventing growth strategy
  • Establish Quality Assurance System
  • Develop Capability for flexibility & speed
  • Establish responsive innovation system

Medium-Term Growth

  • Reinvent competitive strategies

  • Cultivate leaders, empower staff
  • Expand geographic coverage
  • Transfer continuous growth attitude in staff

Initial Growth

  • Capture market share, differentiate product rage
  • Gain repeat customers, expand marketing channels
  • expand management team, train staff
  • Plan for next growth phase

Company Establishment

  • Identify business area & product
  • Create management team & determine legal form
  • Prepare business plan & discuss with bank, if necessary
  • Assess risks & develop strategy for risk mitigation

Expert Business Consultation

Once we have achieved top placement on products then we move to categories. The main reason for this is because search engines use a relational database of keywords that can determine what products you are selling and what category they belong in. The main benefit of this is that once you are getting a lot of clicks for a product then when you optimize for the main category of that product the search engines respect your new optimization and move you to the front page for the harder to get broad match category keyword. Now the trick is keeping that position, in order to do that you site will need to convert as many sales as your new competition, if your site gets a lot of traffic but your conversion rate is low then the search engine can move you down the list because apparently your site isn’t as popular as you may have wanted it to be for that broad match term. This is why having your website built completely is so important before trying any seo marketing campaign, your conversion rate matters!


Mass Media Marketing

If you are looking to build a major brand and compete on a national level then Mass Media Marketing is what you need. We can help you create TV ad’s, Radio ad’s and Newspaper ad’s that get notice and will drive traffic to your site. We can also work with national magazines if your product or service fits a certain niche, this is often the best way to reach your target audience.

We generally focus on cable TV channels in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York and Boston. When we do a mass media marketing campaign we ensure that all marketing efforts support each other. In other words, we make sure your social media, website, direct mailing, TV spots, radio ad’s and the like all direct the customer back to your product or service in a clear manner with strong call to actions to help drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic to sales.

Start ranking on Google search today! Work with SEO Marketing Experts and let us help you begin increasing your organic search ranking.

Valuable Business Development Skills.

Direct Marketing SEO Business

Direct marketing is a very a powerful tool for websites that have a solid customer base to market to on a regular basis. For new websites this can also help drive traffic to the website if you can find your target market. That is where the SEO Marketing Experts come in. We can help you identify your online target market and obtain valid names, address and phone numbers so you can market to these customer directly via direct mail or phone calls.

Currently the SEO Marketing Experts have lists for Personal Trainers, Doctors and Pharmacist. These lists have proven to be very valuable to our clients who have targeted these markets to introduce their products or services.

One of the key factors in Direct marketing the “call to action”, this normally is a free offer or another incentive for the person to call or visit your website sooner rather than later. The SEO Marketing Experts can help you find effective promotions that will convert the prospects in to customers.

As with any marketing campaign a company needs to be able to track the success of the direct mailing. The SEO Marketing Experts use several methods to track the incoming calls or visits to a website either by setting up special phone numbers only or web pages that are only used for a specific promotion.

Amazon Market Place Consultantions

If you or your company is considering using Amazon to sell product then you will want to speak with the SEO Marketing Experts to save yourself a lot of time and money. Amazon can be a great way to make money without having an online store and we have worked with Amazon for more than 5 years to help move product as well as drive traffic to clients websites.

Amazon offers a PPC advertising model alongside of their fulfillment center and retail fulfillment options so you actually have at least 3 ways to make money with Amazon. Keep in mind though this also gives Amazon 3 ways to make money off you. What we have found is that if you are not careful the cost of dealing with Amazon can quickly outpace the profit made from the products sold through their marketplace.

The SEO Marketing Experts can help you navigate the waters of Amazon and help not just save you money but actually run a profitable Amazon business. If you have a current website that generate a lot of traffic you may also want to consider becoming an Amazon affiliate and rather than just making money off products that you sell, now you can sell all the items on Amazon and earn a commission for each sale!

When it comes to Amazon the SEO Experts have found that it is best to work with a small amount of products that have been thoroughly researched to determine how much competition the product has, how popular the product is and if it will be profitable to either send the product in for automatic fulfillment or keep the product and list it as a “merchant fulfilled” product. The main difference is the shipping cost to send the product in and then the additional Amazon fees charges to fulfill the products. When you ship the products yourself the fees are lower but of course you have your own overhead to consider like packing materials, shipping cost and labor to pack the boxes.

The SEO Marketing Experts find that the items that tend to yield the most profit on Amazon are items that have very low competition but are still popular enough to be found within Amazon’s millions of products. This is where SEO marketing for Amazon can be a critical component to your success. The SEO Marketing Experts know how to get products to the top of Amazon’s ranking.