What is SEM and SEO Marketing?

The term “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM) was coined in 2001 and covers a wide range of web marketing options and activities including SEO marketing. Below are the most common SEM marketing techniques and while you can choose to only focus on one or two, for the best results it is recommended to structure a comprehensive SEM marketing plan that involves all aspects below and when properly managed it will yield the maximum return on your investment.

What to expect from SEO Marketing Experts

The SEO Marketing Experts use the above search engine marketing strategies to promote your site and build the search engine ranking in a natural and long lasting fashion that ensures your site not only gets to the top of the search engines but remains there over time.

When your SEO marketing plan includes the above internet marketing strategies you will gain popularity from many different areas of web and collectively boost your ranking in the search engine when your site is search engine optimized for the proper keywords.



Marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords

SEO Marketing Experts PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has been popular for many years thanks to Google’s AdWords and can give your site front page placement for your desired keywords quickly and easily, the only questions becomes “at what cost?”



Banner Advertising on high traffic websites

SEO Marketing Experts CPI

Cost-Per-Impression (CPI) – Banner Advertising on high traffic websites is a popular way to promote your new or existing website and can have a very positive effect on your overall SEO marketing plan.

Search Optimization


Natural ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc

SEO Marketing Experts SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of creating a site that is “optimized” or focused on a particular keyword or group of keywords so that the site naturally ranks for the desired keywords and you can avoid paying.

Social Media Marketing


Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook

SEO Marketing Experts SMM

Social Media Markeing (SMM) – Like Twitter, facebook and the entire social scene. The SEO Marketing Experts can show you how to use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to grow your business over time.

Start ranking on Google search today! Work with SEO Marketing Experts and let us help you begin increasing your organic search ranking.

A Proven and Effective Solution

he SEO marketing experts use a wide variety of modern as well as time-tested SEO methods with a 15-year-old infrastructure to drive honest, effective link juice to your site, consistently putting you in the top search results for your targeted keywords, which are carefully chosen after a full site analysis and keyword research phase to ensure success of every campaign.

The Secret

Search engine results are basically popularity contests. Over time we get sites noticed and ranked alongside PPC campaigns at up to 50% off the PPC rate! Because this is targeted traffic, the search engines reward the site and this continually helps the site gain even better ranking! And since you pay a flat monthly rate, there are never any budget overruns or times where your ad doesn’t show.

SEO Marketing Experts SEO Link Building Services

We can help with your SEO Link building with our SEO Link Building Services. We use a 15 year old network of sites to help push your site to the top of the search engines, normally within 30 days or less.

While SEO Linking Services are a dime a dozen these days no one else can offer SEO friendly links to your site like the SEO Marketing Experts can. Our extensive network of sites has authority with Google because they have been active so long and this is something that can’t be matched today.

SEO link building services are perfect for sites that have some ranking but need to be pushed to the top for their keywords. We do think by point one-way keyword rich text links from out network of sites directly to your home page or related page. The key is that the page must also be search engine optimized and we will check for this before starting our SEO link building service.

SEO Marketing Challenges

The search engine playing field is no longer leveled.

Small and medium size online retailers can find it difficult if not impossible to match what the “big boys” spend on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) these days. Over time, the millions spent by the top advertisers slowly drive the smaller sites from the market simply because PPC is unsustainable in most markets for top keywords, especially in a highly competitive industry like health supplements. Only in rare cases can a well-managed PPC campaign yield profitable results, yet when you factor in the cost of the management it makes it tough to squeeze out any profit at all.

SEO was the easy answer

throw in a few keywords, some backlinks and you were done. However, search engines have gotten a lot smarter and much better at delivering targeted results so users rarely need to look past the first or second page to find what they are looking for. The results are usually the same, a mix of major retailers, shopping engines, Amazon, and maybe some articles or videos and that’s it, aside from expensive PPC ads. From this first page the user is normally able to quickly compare prices from several major vendors offering the same product or service and choose the best deal within minutes, and that can be reduced to seconds if Google shows shopping results for the keyword as they often do for product searches. It does not take a marketing expert to know that If a site is not found in the top 15 search results the site will simply not have enough traffic to sustain itself over time and the fact is that nowadays any manual attempt at gaining top placement for highly competitive keywords is a long and arduous process at best.

We bring you the best possible solutions for your company.

Start ranking on Google search today! Work with SEO Marketing Experts and let us help you begin increasing your organic search ranking.