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Our SEO Marketing Plan Includes:

  1. SEO Basics
  2. Create unique, accurate page titles
  3. Make use of the “description” meta tag
  4. Optimizing Content
  5. Write better anchor text
  6. Optimize your use of images
  7. Promotions and Analysis
  8. How to get listed for local search
  9. Inbound links;  one-way and reciprocal
  10. SEO for YouTube Video’s

When the SEO Marketing Experts put our SEO marketing plan into effect back in ’09 it steadily increased the keywords as shown above. In late 2011 we upgraded the SEO marketing plan and you can see a clear spike. Many SEO marketing companies promise results, but as you see above we can produce.

The SEO Marketing Experts NYC can help you get tough keywords like these and many others for your industry and market.

Since 1997 we have specialized in SEO Marketing for healthcare websites like Dentist, Doctors, Pharmacist, Nutritionist and nutritional supplement companies and can help you with SEO Marketing because we are the best SEO Experts and as #1 SEO Marketing Experts we specialize in SEM Marketing, SMM Marketing, Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing of all industries including SEO marketing for personal trainers, spas, gyms, and specialized SEO marketing plans for local business like contractors, gardeners, electricians, carpenters, painting services, etc.

The SEO Marketing Experts can help you with SEO services for Local Search Results, Global Search Results, and Mobile Search Results as well as use Social Media Marketing to drive targeted traffic to your website on a daily basis.

Start ranking on Google search today! Work with SEO Marketing Experts and let us help you begin increasing your organic search ranking.

How can a SEO Marketing company promise search results?

This is generally the biggest questions on everyone’s mind. For us, the SEO Marketing Experts NYC, we use a 15 year old, time-tested recipe that includes all aspects of what the search engines likes to see in a website. This basic standard has remained true over the last 15 years and as proof we have keywords from a decade ago and more as well as some we just got in the last month using the same SEO marketing strategies.

So how can we promise these results for you? The first thing any SEO marketing strategist should know is what is going to be possible for a site and what is simply unrealistic. For example; if a new health and vitamin online retailer wants to rank in the  top 10 for the keyword “vitamins” it would be nearly impossible due to the competition and they would struggle to see themselves anywhere in the top 1000 let alone the top 10. However they could rank for other related keywords like “Vitamins on sale” or “Buy vitamins” and not only would these be much more obtainable, they are actually much more targeted to the type of visitor the vitamin company wants visiting their site.

After a full site analysis we move to the next step, this is how the SEO Marketing Experts avoid going after unrealistic keywords and making promises they can’t keep . Our keyword analysis program provides you a complete list of the top keywords hand picked after careful evaluation by our SEO experts. Once we have the list of keywords only then can we implement the SEO marketing strategies that have never failed us in over 15 years of internet marketing on all major search engines.

SEM Marketing Services:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Search Engine Marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords
  • Cost-Per-Impression (CPI) – Banner Advertising on high traffic websites
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Natural ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV) – Promotion of video content
  • Pay-Per-Action (PPA) – Common in affiliate programs

The chart shows how we got our previous client an average of almost 400 clicks per day and what that organic traffic would cost if were paid ads. As you can see the estimate is around $400.00 per day, or $12,000 per month. This traffic yielded about $100,000 in sales per month and would of been cost prohibitive with Google or other pay-per-click networks. This is where the SEO Marketing Experts can save you money. A package this size is roughly 50% less than what pay-per-click would cost.

This is because Google charges for every click on every keyword. The SEO Marketing Experts NYC charge a flat monthly rate for groups of keywords and not only do we cover more keywords but we can also help you get high traffic keywords over time which will greatly boost your traffic and sales.

So how does all these SEM Marketing Services effect natural SEO marketing?

The search engines look at many different factors when it comes to who is going to rank in the top 10 for a particular keyword. Of course in the old days it was “just stuff your keyword in the page and title and you are good!”, then it became, “Get lots of links to your site and you will be good!” … of course this evolved into “Get links with relevant anchor text and you will be great!”, and so-on.

Well all these things do matter but a true SEO marketing strategy is much more than that. Of course for years we have been hearing about “content”, yes, 100% content matters! Your website must tell it’s story in words, not just pretty pictures. When it comes down to it, EVERYTHING matters. Every link, every image, every page, every everything.

Start with a Custom SEO Analysis and let us give you all the facts about your current SEO position and future possibilities.

Once we have completed the Custom SEO Analysis then a custom SEO marketing plan can start to be created for your website based on the keywords presented in the custom SEO marketing analysis.

SEO Services from the SEO Marketing Experts:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Search Engine Marketing campaigns such as Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo!. We have all seen the “paid ads” on the top and sides of the natural search results. The paid ad’s are called PPC because every time a visitor clicks one of these ad’s YOU pay.

This is why the SEO services from the SEO Marketing Experts is so important, once we get your keywords on the front page of the search engines you will not need to pay high monthly cost to them and will get a much better RIO for your entire SEM campaign.

The only time we suggest a company to use a PPC campaign is when they company has first launched the website or when a new product or hot term has been added. Then as time goes on the SEO Marketing Experts can go after these new terms and as they gain natural ranking the PPC ads can be turned off.

Cost-Per-Impression (CPI) – Banner Advertising on high traffic websites is a popular way to promote your new or existing website and can have a very positive effect on your overall SEO marketing plan. Once our SEO marketing analysis is complete we will also provide you with your target market and a list of popular sites that would be ideal for your banners and get you the best RIO.

Since SEO internet marketing strategies are always changing the SEO Marketing Experts continually evaluate the performance of the CPI campaigns to ensure maximum ROI. This continually analysis is where some SEO marketing companies can fall short and overt time can be very detrimental to your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Natural ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc has been our specialty for more than 15 years now. To measure the value of any SEO marketing plan you need to see results for keywords that bring your site targeted traffic. You can also use many seo marketing tools that will compare the SEO value in PPC terms, this is an excellent way to know if your SEO marketing plan is working or not. If you are paying for PPC ads after 90 days of your website launch then your site may need some of our SEO marketing services to boost your natural ranking for your keywords.

Our SEO services are 100% white hat and have been tested over the last 15 years in many industries and for tens of thousands of keywords. The SEO Marketing Experts have gotten tough keywords like Bodybuilding Supplements, Weight Loss Pills and many more. The search engine optimization services provided by the SEO Marketing Experts is the most cost effective way to promote your website and get it ranked on the front page for your keywords.

So what is your SEO marketing plan?

Does your SEO marketing plan include Social Media Marketing? The SEO Marketing Experts can show you how to use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to grow your business over time. Many SEO marketing companies claim to get you “hundreds or thousands” of followers or likes in a short period of time, and while this may give your site the appearance of popularity quickly, the search engines can penalize as site for such activity. It is always best to build your Social Media presence naturally. If you are a new site you shouldn’t have 12,000 followers within the first few months, when the search engines see this, they know your site is trying to “trick” the system and that is when they push your site down the ranking and no matter what others do it is very hard to overcome negatives from the search engines.

The SEO Marketing Experts don’t need any such “tricks”, we use a 15 year network of sites as part of our SEO marketing plan. The SEO marketing strategies we use build your site up naturally and over time as shown on the grid above. Once the site gains many lower level keywords we work the site towards the harder to get keywords. This is a continually process that since new sites are being built and older sites are still growing and improving.

For instance, this site would want to go after many search terms related to “SEO Marketing”.

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Once we have all these keywords then we must use them on our site so that the search engines know “We do that”. And if you found us using any of these keywords or any variation then you can see it works! Of course we had to employee other parts of our time-tested SEO marketing formula and we can use them for your website as well.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) – Promotion of video content on sites like Many companies can benefit from uploading video’s on and in turn this can boost the overall SEO marketing plan. not to mention producers of video’s can make money from through ads so it is a great way to generate additional revenue.

Pay-Per-Action (PPA) – Common in affiliate programs like Commission Junction. These types of affiliates pay when a potential customer calls or fills out a online form without necessarily making a purchase. These types of PPA are great ways to enhance a new or existing website and can help build your sites credibility when you choose the proper vendors.

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